Fortunate Buddha Slots

In Buddhism, the Buddha has achieved enlightenment and wisdom. The Buddha has attained happiness and needs for nothing. What will it take for you to attain happiness and need nothing? If you're like most people, having some extra money could go a long, long way toward getting you there. That's where Fortunate Buddha Slots come in. This fun slots game will help you achieve happiness through fun gameplay and may help you attain wealth, too. Not bad for a game that's designed to look amazing and help you enjoy yourself.

Playing Slots

Most people have either played the slots at some point or they've seen someone else do it. Whether you've actually played slots in a real casino or you've played an online slots game, this is one game that really is everywhere. Everyone has seen it and most people really like it.

The Game Design

In this version of a standard slots game, there are five reels and three columns. This is a pretty classic slots setup that creates multiple pay lines where winning combinations may line up. As is the case with all slots games, the reels spin around quickly and land on different symbols. when certain symbols line up along the pay line, you win.

The Look

Fortunate Buddha is designed with the colors and images associated with Chinese culture. You will see a golden Buddha, beautiful pink lotus flowers, bags of gold coins and turtles. along with letters and numbers. All the symbols are highly stylized and this game is designed to be beautiful, with vibrant colors that almost leap off the screen.

Playing to Win

There are a few different ways to customize this slots game. You can set your bet to be higher or lower as desired and even set the number of spins. You can actually auto-spin the reels an infinite number of times. Set the reel speed to be faster or flower as desired.

There are several progressive jackpots you can win when you're playing this game, which gives you yet another chance to win.

Where to Find Fortunate Buddha Slots

Ready to give this slots game a try? Fortunate Buddha Slots can be found at many online casinos. Look for casinos specializing in slots games or casinos that always carry the new and trendy slots games, along with popular titles that people always enjoy playing. This is where you will find this version of the game and all the fun it contains.