Haunted Opera Slots

Any lovers of classics in here? And not only in terms of amazing quality and classic approaches to real slot gaming but also in the great theme. If you love literature and fun and entertaining themes, Hunted Opera Slot game is just the one you have been looking for. As you could have guessed, you will be dealing with French novel, The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. So expect to find all the featuring characters and all the great wins which the developing company, RTG has prepared for you. In addition you will have the chance to enjoy the great quality and all the featured characters and symbols this game has to surprise you with. Above all you will love all the extra win opportunities as well. Here you have some nice and sweet bonuses to explore and the wins can be as sweet as you may have imagined. So join in the great classic story and let the magic begin for you.

Theme and Symbols

So by now you already know what amazing and special experience you are about to enjoy in here with the brilliant developer of RTG. The great theme is all about the classic creation which has inspired so many beautiful performances, games and above all amazing creative approaches which this slot game was inspired as well. The symbols of the game are of course as expected from this miracle and great Gothic styled creation as well. You can look forward to meet all the symbolic characters and items in here. The great symbols of the game which you are going to love include the Mask, the Letter and the Phantom himself. You will only need to land great winning combinations with these characters and you will be ready to get your sweet rewards. In addition to great excitement you will also be able to feel the most of the amazing and magical spirit of the game and get amazing excitement and pleasure for your gaming experience. Enjoy!


Now as we go ahead and explore how exactly you are going to hit the top wins of this game, you should probably know that triggering all the wonderful opportunities of this great slot game requires only a few not complicated steps which you will actually enjoy to make. Above all the wonderful and flexible betting options and all the rest of varieties and innovative approaches to your game play will make your experience as chilled as possible. For the beginning you will need to know that in here you will be dealing with great quality 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot game which is full of surprises for the passionate players like yourself. Then you can get ready to explore all the flexible betting options you have in here. You can bet from just $0.01 to all the way to $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00. You will love how easy and simple it is to join in the great game and hit top wins in here. For your convenience and even more chilled experience you will also be offered to make the most use of the great auto spin mode of the game which is always useful and adds extra fun and convenience to your game play. Enjoy!

Bonuses and Payouts

The game comes with some of the most useful bonus features including the great and generous wild symbols. Here the simple is pretty classic when it comes to its functionality. It will be here to help you land winning combinations even easier as you go ahead and land this great symbol in a winning combination. Here you will have the chance to hit some of the most generous wins of the game. You will have the chance to hit the great amount of 10.000 coins which is your top win. Above all you will need to just consider that the more you bet and the more lines you decide to play on this slot game, the higher and more frequent wins you can aim at. So join in now and explore all the great opportunities and amounts you will have with this great slot game.