Spring Wilds Slots

There is no season like spring. It's a time when the world is waking up again, when everything is in bloom. Animals are scurrying around. All the colors are soft and sweet. It's a magical time of year and Spring Wilds Slots celebrates everything about the spring. Enjoy the colors and images of spring, along with the thrill of winning, when you play this game.

Twist on a Classic

You've probably seen lots of slots games in your life. Slots are such a popular and loved casino game, you can find non-money slot games online. But when the theme is fun and colorful and pretty, it's even more fun to play the slots.

Spring Wilds Slots puts a twist on the classic slot game look. This game has five reels that spin and three rows where you can make matches to win money. The game board is somewhat different because the reels and images have a square shape, which gives this slots game a bit of a unique look.

When Spring Has Sprung

The pretty pastel colors are just the beginning. Spring Wilds Slots is full of images associated with spring. That includes little baby animals like lambs, piglets, chicks and bunnies. You will also see Easter eggs, of course and letters and numbers made to look like delightful little pastries.

Winning the Game

This slots game has 25 pay lines, which gives you a ton of opportunities to win. You can increase your bet to win more money and even set the reels so that they will spin automatically. That takes some of the work out of playing the slots. When you win, you might get money in addition to extra spins that give you additional opportunities to win.

The Wild Card

What's wild about Spring Wilds? This slots game has a wild card slot that appears on the reels from time to time. This comes with the chance for your winnings to be increased by six times. That could add up to a really big jackpot. And if you're playing slots, you're always hoping for the thrill of hitting that huge jackpot.

Go Play Spring Wilds Slots

Where can you find Spring Wilds SLots if you feel like playing a fun, exciting game that celebrates the best of the spring season? Look for this slots game at online casinos that offer a variety of slots games, including the newest and trendy titles.