Tarot Destiny Slots

Tarot cards have been around for at least 600 years and they are so old and so mysterious, no one knows their true origin. There has always been something mystical about tarot cards. Can they truly tell you the future, let you know your fortune? Tarot Destiny Slots use the images and mysticism of the tarot to help you create your own fortune. This slots game may just be the way you're going to make your fortune!

The Gameplay

This is an exciting slots game with five reels and three rows. There are multiple pay lines where you have the chance to line up matching symbols to get a big payout. This is a classic slots design that's based on traditional casino gameplay but the gameplay itself is all digital and very modern. You can even control the speed of the reels, or determine how many auto-s[ins you want to complete before you take over again.

The Design

The colors and design of this game are quite beautiful, with bright jewel tones and pops of gleaming gold everywhere. The background of the gameboard looks like a classic fortune-teller's room, filled with candlelight and a table at the entrance.

The images on the reels evoke classic tarot graphics and symbols associated with fortune-telling and mysticism. You will see crystal balls, a spell book, glowing candles, owls and tarot cards, along with letters and numbers.

Bonus Spins

There are little mini-games embedded into this slots game. Sometimes, you can win the chance to get bonus spins. This will happen when the scatter symbol appears on the board. Sometimes, a 20 times multiplier is applied to your winnings. That can make even a small win feel like a jackpot. There are many ways to win the game already and these bonuses add even more possibility.

Customize Your Experience

There are a few ways you can choose your destiny when it comes to playing Tarot Destiny Choose the speed of the reels, the amount of your bet and even how many auto-spins you want to complete. These little options allow you to make the game truly feel like your own.

Playing Tarot Destiny Slots

Tarot Destiny Slots has a beautiful look and a ton of ways to win so you can get money and control your own destiny. Look for it at online casinos that offer a variety of slots games and you will definitely find it. Go looking for your destiny and see where it takes you.