Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Are you one of those people who got hooked on smartphone games like Candy Crush? Maybe you fell in love with Tetris? Suppose you like playing casino slots but you think they're a little old-fashioned. Maybe you just like gaming for money. If any of this rings true for you, Sweet 16 Black! Slots is a game you're going to love.

The Design

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots looks like any number of smartphone games you might have seen before. It has the same basic design as any slots game but the polish and overall look of popular digital games like Candy Crush. This slots game has six reels and five rows, so there are lots of different pay lines and many, many different ways to win.

Unlike with traditional slots games, the reels are not separated in the design. The gameboard is all continuous, with no separation between the little images. The images on the game board are all pieces of candy in pretty, bright colors.

Playing the Game

The reels spin very quickly in this game, bringing up different little candies every time. You will see all kinds of goodies to match up along the pay lines. And hopefully, you will see the Sweet 6 wild card that appears occasionally to make it even easier for you to win. This slots game can be played for real money or for free, so you can get a feel of the game without risking anything if you like.

The Extras

This game doesn't quite look like other slots games and it has features you won't find in other slots games, too. First, there's the buy feature, which gives you 10 free spins. Place a bet and spin. Even if you don't win, you'll still get the free spins. The spins will happen automatically, so this all plays out a bit like a little mini-game that's fun to watch.

The cascading win feature works like your own progressive jackpot. The longer you play and the more wild cards you get, the more than cascading win balance will add up.

A Sweet Way to Win

Whenever you're feeling especially lucky, hit the Bonus Bet button. This allows you to put in some extra money when you feel that a win is coming. This will increase your bet and therefore, increase the amount you can win.

Finding Sweet 16 Blast! Slots Online

Ready to try this slots game for yourself? There are several online casinos where you can play Sweet 16 Blast! Slots. Look for online casinos that offer a big selection of different slots games, especially those casinos that have the newest and trendiest titles. Search for this slots game and you will find it. And maybe you'll get some sweet wins as a result.